Make money by selling your services

On BeFreelancr, you can offer as many services as you want, by choosing your rates, options and deadlines. You have no subscription to pay to be able to offer your services.

You will receive 50% on each of your sales. Why 50%? Because BeFreelancr has its own affiliate program. Affiliates will promote your services and earn a commission in exchange for their recommendation.

By the way, if you promote your own services, you will earn 50% commissions as a freelancer, as well as 20% on all customer orders for life, as an affiliate.

Make money with affiliate marketing

On BeFreelancr, the affiliate program is very comprehensive since when you sponsor a person, you earn commissions when they buy services, when they sell services and when they recommend services.

When one of your referrals buys a service, you receive 20% of their order. When a referral offers its services, you receive 2% for each of its sales. And when a referral recommends its services or those of another freelance, you touch 2% on its recommendations.

But that's not all! When someone signs up through your link, they become your lifelong referral. And on top of that, BeFreelancr is a multi-level affiliate program. You can see the illustration below to fully understand.

Everyone is rewarded for their work

Whether you carry out the mission or share the platform with another person, you will be rewarded! To join BeFreelancr, you do not have to be sponsored.

So what are you waiting for?

Joining the BeFreelancr family will only take a few seconds!