Gana dinero vendiendo tus servicios

En BeFreelancr, puede ofrecer tantos servicios como desee, eligiendo sus tarifas, opciones y plazos. No tiene que pagar para poder ofrecer sus servicios.

Recibirá el 60% de cada una de sus ventas. ¿Por qué 60%? Porque BeFreelancr tiene su propio programa de afiliados. Los afiliados promocionarán sus servicios y ganarán una comisión a cambio de su recomendación.

Por cierto, si promociona sus propios servicios, obtendrá un 60% de comisiones como profesional independiente, así como un 20% en todos los pedidos de clientes de por vida, como afiliado.

Gane dinero con el marketing de afiliación

En BeFreelancr, el programa de afiliados es muy completo, ya que cuando patrocina a una persona, gana comisiones cuando compra servicios, cuando vende servicios y cuando recomienda servicios.

Cuando uno de sus referidos compra un servicio, usted recibe el 20% de su pedido. Cuando una referencia ofrece sus servicios, recibe un 5% por cada una de sus ventas. Y cuando una referencia recomienda sus servicios o los de otro freelance, toca el 5% en sus recomendaciones.

¡Pero eso no es todo! Cuando alguien se registra a través de su enlace, se convierte en su referencia de por vida. Por lo tanto, recibe comisiones sin límite de tiempo gracias a sus referencias. Ya sea que estén comprando servicios, vendiendo servicios o recomendando servicios.

Todos somos recompensados por nuestro trabajo

Ya sea que lleves a cabo la misión o compartas la plataforma con otra persona, ¡serás recompensado! Para unirse a BeFreelancr, no tiene que estar patrocinado.

Questions / Réponses

Absolutely ! BeFreelancr is available everywhere. Besides, we offer different withdrawal methods for your commissions. And we will add new ones over time.

To register, it's very simple, you just have to click here and fill in the account creation form. You can immediately publish your services, make affiliation or buy the services you need.

Absolutely ! Whether you want to offer your services or become an affiliate, you will have no monthly subscription or registration fees. Our goal is to work with as many serious people as possible.

As a service seller, you earn 60% on every order. This commission rate is explained by the fact that BeFreelancr has an affiliate program that allows affiliate partners to promote the platform's services, including yours.

On other platforms, commission rates for sellers are higher, but sellers of services are obliged to promote themselves. On BeFreelancr, it is the affiliates who promote you. So they are rewarded when they bring you a sale.

Here is how the commissions are distributed on BeFreelancr:

  • 60% goes back to the seller
  • 30% goes to the affiliate and sponsors
  • 3% goes to the payment gateway (Stripe or PayPal)
  • 7% return to the BeFreelancr platform

On BeFreelancr, the price displayed is what the customer actually pays. There are no bank charges in addition to the price: Everything is included.

As we saw earlier, on BeFreelancr there is an affiliate program that allows you to find more clients for your freelance missions. But of course, these affiliates are paid on sales.

As a freelancer, you get 60% and affiliates and sponsors get 30%. For its part, the BeFreelancr platform takes 10% commission (including 3% for bank charges).

We could say to ourselves that it is necessary to sell more expensive than by selling to a direct customer, since you perceive 60%. But what you have to understand is that in normal times, a freelancer spends more than half of his time prospecting. With BeFreelancr, the goal is to work 100% of the time (it is the affiliates who prospect for freelancers)!

The goal of BeFreelancr is that freelancers do not need to prospect to sell their services. It is the affiliates who prospect for them.

But if you wish, you can of course talk about your services around you. In this case, do not forget to put your affiliate link. Note that you do not need to create another account to affiliate: Your account is used to sell your services, to affiliate and possibly to buy if you wish.

A single account is enough to do everything on the platform. And since we have our own affiliate program, you don't need to register on an external platform. Everything is done directly on BeFreelancr.

BeFreelancr is an online services marketplace. You can therefore offer your services in these categories: Website/application creation and management, graphics, writing, translation, SEO, web marketing, community management, video and audio, etc. You can find all the categories on the home page.

When you create your account, you can add as many services as you want. In your Seller Space, you can easily create and manage your services.

When your service is validated, it is visible on the platform. Customers can order. They then buy your service but their money is blocked until you complete the order. This is to protect sellers (who are sure to get paid) and customers (who are sure to get their order or be refunded if the order is cancelled).

Absolutely ! You can promote your own services, or the services of other sellers. All BeFreelancr services can be recommended as an affiliation. As an affiliate, you earn 20% for life on all purchases from people you refer.

First, you must create an account to retrieve your affiliate link in the affiliate space. Then, to promote a service, you can for example write an article on your blog, make a video on your channel, comment on blogs or YouTube channels or share the service on Facebook groups related to the theme.

Currently, you can receive your commissions via bank transfer, PayPal and Payoneer. Please let us know if other withdrawal methods would work for you. We will continually add more.

You only pay charges and taxes on the amounts you collect. So you do not pay charges and taxes on all turnover, but only on your commissions that you have received.

When you want to receive your commissions, you send us an invoice with the amount of your available commissions. This is the amount you will declare.

¿A qué estás esperando?

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