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Delivering high-quality Translation services from French to English and vice versa. Proven expertise across diverse industries.

translate into French your business content

Who am I?

Hello! I'm Loïcia, your dedicated translator for English to French and vice versa, specializing in business content. I bring a blend of expertise and precision to all your translation needs.

Professional Experience

With a rich background of 3 years in marketing, SEO, and translation, I've collaborated with various businesses across sectors like real estate, design, medicine, construction, fashion, tourism, and food. This diverse experience enables me to understand and translate complex terminologies, ensuring your message resonates well with your target audience.

From assisting in sales and translating business content at Nordic Unique Travels in Finland, to managing ticketing at UEFA EURO 2020 in Glasgow, and handling seasonal rentals in Brittany, my experiences have crafted a well-rounded skillset. This includes project management, client relations, B2B marketing strategies, SEO, and much more.

Additionally, I have honed my linguistic skills through teaching English at a language company based in Toulouse, further enhancing my understanding and proficiency in both English and French.

Educational Background

My academic journey led me to the UK, where I lived for several years and earned a Master's Degree in Civilizations, Cultures, and Societies: Anglophone World. This journey has honed my linguistic skills and deepened my appreciation for cultural nuances, which is vital in delivering accurate and effective translations.

What I've Worked On

📄 Business Documents

🌐 Website Content

📢 Advertising Campaigns

🎥 Film/Video Subtitles

📚 Educational Materials

💾 Software and Apps

Translation Philosophy

My approach to translation goes beyond just converting text from one language to another; it's about ensuring that the essence, tone, and context of the original message are impeccably tailored to meet your business needs. Utilizing a blend of linguistic skills and industry-specific knowledge, I aim to provide translations that resonate well with your target audience.

With each new translation project, I engage in a thorough proofreading process to eliminate any punctuation mistakes and ensure high-quality translated content that adheres to the nuances of the target language. I strive to deliver services that are nothing short of excellent. My ability to translate quickly without compromising on quality makes me a reliable partner for all your translation needs.

The basic translation service is set at €30 for 500 words, with a standard delivery timeline of 3 days. For expedited delivery or larger projects, I provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. I am here on BeFreelancr to bridge the linguistic gap, assisting you in navigating the global business arena with ease. Whether it’s translating website content, handling multilingual translation projects, or aiding in SEO optimization, I am thrilled to collaborate with you. Your business communication is about to get a lot more exciting!

Feel free to reach out for any translation requirements you have.


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