I will translate your text from English to French

Emily G.

I am Emily, born and raised in France. I used to live for a year in Canada and I am currently based in Malaysia for the last 6 years. I am available to translate various types of texts from English to French.

What kind of document I translate ?

Any kind : press articles, blog posts, applications, e-book and manual extracts, brochures, flyers, product sheets, instructions, etc.

About any topic : travel, tourism, culture, arts, decoration, education and social media in particular, but also about anything else. But please do not ask about medicine, political or legal fields, because I am not sworn in (unless the source text is simple and in basic language).

What are my strengths ?

  • perfect command of the French language (mother tongue, French Foreign Language teacher, flawless spelling, grammar and syntax)
  • fluency in English
  • ability to translate any kind of document in different field
  • ability to adapt to any style required

What includes the translation at 20 euros?

• The manual translation (not using automatic translation or translation tools) of one page (about 250 words). If more than that, please choose the option for an additional page. I won't accept one page order of 500 words.

• The translation will be returned in .docx, .odt or PDF format according to your choice.

• The delivery will be done within 5 days. If you want your text to be translated quickly, choose the delivery option within 2 days!

If your document is more than 10 pages, please split it in several orders.

If you have questions or you need more information, feel free to ask ;)


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