I will translate your texts from English to French

I can translate various types of texts from English to French, like press articles, applications, etc.

translate your texts from English to French

As a French woman born in France and who studied English during my entire school years from 8 to university, I am available to translate various types of texts from English to French.

• These can be press articles, texts that you want to publish on a website or anywhere else, applications, extracts, manuals, brochures, flyers, product sheets, instructions, etc.

• I have a good command of various fields like tourism, culture, arts and leisure in particular, but if your text is about something else it is also possible for me to work on it.

However, please do not ask about medicine, political or legal fields, because I am not sworn in (unless the source text is simple and in plain language).

• I can work on Microsoft word and OpenOffice and return the file(s) in .docx, .odt or .pdf format according to your choice.

• My delivery times may vary depending on my availability at the time and side projects (so 5 days = maximum for one page!).

• One page is about 250 words more or less, so PLEASE : count the words before you order ! I won't accept a one page order if this one is 500 words for example. But in this case you can count it as 2 pages and choose the option for 1 more page.

If your document is more than 10 pages, please separate it in several orders.

If you have questions or you need more information, do not hesitate to ask ;)

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