I will translate your documents from Spanish to French

Jennifer O.

I am a professional translator and I will translate quickly your Spanish text to French (Native language).

You can send me your documents under any formats you'd like and I will translate as best as possible from the source language (Spanish), to the target language (French). I will read it entirely a first time, then will start translating section per section every bit of the document. After finishing the first draft, I will start proofreading every sentences in both languages again carefully in order to see if there isn't any mistakes. Then, I'll read it once again to see if there's any punctuation, typing, or grammatical errors and such. Once I finished rectifying every thing, I will make sure to read the document in the target language one last time before sending it back to you in PDF format.

In terms of privacy:

I always change all of my passwords every 2 weeks, and I take the full responsibility to respect and protect the confidentiality of every documents, as well as any personal information my clients share with me, that way no sensitive data can be leaked.

Here is an example of my translation services' rates:

For a 500 word document:

  • Translation: 25€ (0,05 per words)
  • Revision: 25€ (0,05 per words)
  • MTPE: 25€ (0,05 per words.)

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or if you have a text to translate for a project, and you need to have it translated quickly.


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