I will translate your content in FRENCH from EN/GE/IT/TR (fee for 500 words)

Gülsen Yildirim


I am Gülsen Delia Yildirim. Doesn't really sound like a French name right ?

That is because I have Turkish and Italian origins, but was born and grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

From my particular background, I developed a passion for languages, traveling, reading, writing, life coaching, self-help methods and entrepreneurship.

At the moment living in Istanbul.

My 2 top skills :

- Multilingual translation and localization from English/German/Italian/Turkish into French

- Manage important multilingual translation projects related to software, applications, and websites, in all kinds of formats (HTML, XML, JSON, PHP, InDesign, etc.) and manage 10+ people in my team

My experience?

I have been working as an information specialist and archivist (especially taking care of information technology and web related projects) for 5 consecutive years. For 5 years now, I work as a multilingual translator freelancer and a small translation agency manager.

Just to know more about me:

Completed my education and upper studies in Switzerland, where I got a Bachelor of Science as a bilingual (French/German) Information Specialist. I did part of my studies in Cologne, Germany.

I have lived mostly in Switzerland but in different cities and worked in several multilingual environments.

Why should you hire me?

I am methodical, efficient, and organized. Our collaboration will be profitable and enjoyable because I am a very easy-going person and flexible.

My priority is to build strong, lasting business relationships with all my clients. I take care of their content, translating it into many languages in order for them to reach wider audiences, increasing their presence and sales.

Hope to collaborate with you soon!


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