I will translate your texts and others from French to English or vice versa

Brigitte A.

Hello and welcome!

Do you need to have text or documents translated quickly? 

I offer you my translation services! 

I will translate 800 words for 18€ and this, in a rigorous way.

Feel free to check the options for more words.

Why choose to translate from or into English?

Nowadays, English is the language par excellence in business.

For this reason, it is essential to resort to translation, whether it is to conquer a larger market share or to reach a larger audience.


Four (4) essential steps:

✅ Reading the content to get the meaning.

✅ Careful translation based on appropriate translation tools

✅ Reading and proofreading the translated content, checking for consistency, correcting errors, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling to avoid misunderstandings.

✅ Respect of equivalence between the source and target languages.

Why you choose me?

Here are some advantages of my service:

❗️ Quality, professionalism

❗️ Respect of confidentiality

❗️ Respect of deadlines

Do not hesitate to consult the options for a translation of additional words.

The translated content will be delivered to you in PDF or Word format according to your preference.

⚠️ I offer you as a guarantee, a new translation at no cost, only if your expectations are not met. 

I am at your disposal for any questions regarding my services.

See you soon, I hope! :)

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