I will create you any Application (web, mobile, desktop) you can dream of.

Kamga Simo

No Limit on what we can build for you..!

No matter how complex your project is, I have a solution for you. I will create your platform with the architecture suitable for your business and your target audience. Whatever the platform you are targeting, be it mobile, web project, or desktop, I will provide you with high quality applications.

My Skills

I'm skilled in the fields of Systems Analysis (Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation), UI/UX, web design, web development, and mobile apps development (mostly Android). I have a good technology stack ranging from frameworks for web development such as Laravel (PHP), Spring (Java), Express (Node.js), Vue.js (Javascript). I also have a good knowledge of the most useful libraries and development tools and technologies. Some of them include Twitter Bootstrap, Material design, MVC pattern, Microservices, Cloud computing, Google Firebase, Amazon AWS, etc. I'm a fast learner and can rapidly adapt to any workflow. I can handle entire system development alone or with a team (A good example is www.wazapay.net which I developed as a freelancer, or ValaGas android app that I developed alone using Android Studio and Firebase Firestore, Firebase Storage, Cloud functions - for backend logic - and Firebase hosting).


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