I will professionally create your fashion design and illustrate it with hand

Nour Elislem B.

who am I?

I am Nour Elislem Bouras, nicknamed Gakta Noor-nib, I have been a fashion designer for more than 10 years.

Do you need a unique design that reflects your image and personal philosophy in life to wear? Or to invest in it? I am at your service to achieve it together step by step.

Why fashion design?

Fashion design is one of the most important cultural sectors that highlights our view of life and expresses us and our identities, our creativity. It is also one of the economic sectors, because it reflects the beauty that we carry within us. It is not just appearances, but rather a way of living, belief, freedom, identity, beauty, and definition, and it is art and design.

What you can get here?

So, I am here to help you find an expression of your identity and beauty and reflect it on clothing through artistic and creative textiles and clothing in the way of illustrations.

I offer you my service to design costumes according to your taste, by hand, with high accuracy. You can watch the attached video for more clarity, or see the pictures or videos.

What you will get for the service:

- One high-quality, non-slip design.

- Original and creative design to suit your taste.

- I guarantee you the quality.

I guarantee your creativity.

I guarantee authenticity.

Works can be sent in JPG, PNG, and PDF formats.

And if you want too I offer you my service to provide a video of the steps of drawing and designing costumes according to your taste by hand drawing and with high accuracy. The video will be a full minute long. You can watch the attached videos for more clarity or information.

What you will get for the service:

A video showing the steps of working on the design.

- The joy of watching the design produced before your eyes.

- View the materials and methods used in drawing.

Watching the time and effort spent on design work.

- I guarantee you the quality.

I guarantee your creativity.

I guarantee authenticity.

Business can be sent in any way you want or want.

What I'm doing right now?

I used to work as an architect, but at the same time I produced a lot of fashion designs, and today I have devoted myself to this to become a freelancer


It is said that going through experiences teaches us, and I am here to go through every experience with you and live it with you, so that I can finally learn the importance of people, and the importance of art and philosophy to them.

What do you learn from me?

And if you happen to learn something from me, I hope it will be positive in your life.

My visual identities

you can see more of my work on my: youtube, instagram, twitter, linkedin, pintrest accounts under the name of Gakat Noor-nib


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