I will record your script (or even write it)

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A PROFESSIONAL VOICEOVER ? I am voiceover artist. Take me as a partner of your success.

record your script (or even write it)



I am voiceover artist.

I will record your script, using my own professional home studio,

I can also write your script in a professional way,

Investing in all, technics of my 6 years in Radios. (DEMOS)

Take me as a partner of your success, I feel deeply your vision.

Who am i ?

This is Aissam BELGANA,

Professional voiceover artiste, Radio Presentor, journaliste And speaker for 6 years.

I got confident of many Institutions and parteners: Such as UNESCO, MIG RADIO, RADIO MIL, SOZ FM ( Official voice), DERBY SPORTS TV ( Official voice), ...

I started before many years, let's talk about 6 years,

A big part of my training, I took it by doing, before taking it in théory, so that gave me the opportunity to understand the details of work.

Those last years i started moderating workshops about radio, podcasting, voice acting, and many stuffs.

Also I manage a stat-Up of media productions,

All this experience gaves me many strengths, and still looking for developping myself.

What are my strengths?

I worked with many posts and radios, there I refine skill of WRITTING before presenting.

I studied enterprenership and management, that helps me to well understand, what do brands want and haw to creat the best image of each brand.

I found my pleasure when i take a challenge to record, and more at the post-production step, and you know the differance between doing somehing for money only, and for love.

Results are my coins, and quality keeps me a hard worker, to guarantee what my client is looking for ward.

Where do I work ?

I work in my own home studio, and sometimes in studios outside, according to customers' requests.

I use professional material that allows me to get a deep clean voice, before going to the next step where I put my ProTouch.

My Last works?

  • Here, you find my experience with MIG RADIO - Collab with UNESCO.

We worked in MIG RADIO, to cover the International forums of migration, organised in Marrakech. where more than 130 contry participated.

My mission was to present live news, and to modirate a staff of journalistes.

Also I was the official Voice, I record voice Tags, radio slogans,...

  • For more démos contact me Inbox.


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