I will enter your texts and data in Word or Excel

Gilles Florent S.

The services I offer are word processing (text entry, cover page, table of contents, Proofreading, Correction, rewording, organization of Paragraphs and Texts), data entry in Microsoft word or excel, etc.


My services are the following:

Word processing and data entry.

Word processing.

Like any good student of the 21st century, I have an advanced mastery of data entry and word processing software. I have used the latter on several occasions and also to complete my Bachelor's degree dissertation and Write Official documents.

I offer :

  • Data entry of your texts.
  • Proofreading, Rewriting, Correcting your different Documents (of one or multiple pages)
  • To do the layout and formatting according to the fonts of your choice.
  • Table of contents,
  • Bulleted list,
  • convert from pdf to Word and vice versa.

Data entry.

The data entry I do is related to the following areas:

  • receiving and recording invoices, forms, files, and other documents for data entry,
  • entering data into computerized databases, spreadsheets, or other templates, using keyboards, mice, optical scanners, speech recognition software, or other data entry tools
  • check data for accuracy and completeness;

My Principles

To do the work assigned to me with love, in a timely manner, and in full compliance with the agreements made with the service requester. Make sure that the documents I produce will convince the employer, the Company, or the target administration.


Order in seconds and in complete safety.


Exchange via messaging from the beginning to the end of the mission.


Validate the delivery of the order to release the payment for the seller.