What can you earn?

On BeFreelancr, when a person registers having gone through your affiliate link in the last 365 days, he become your referral. And he will remain your referral for life.

You will earn commissions each time your referral takes action on the site:

  • 20% commission when purchasing a service as a client
  • 5% commission when selling a service as a freelancer
  • 5% commission when recommending a service as an affiliate

Everyone is rewarded for their work

Whether you carry out the mission or share the platform with another person, you will be rewarded! To join BeFreelancr, you do not have to be sponsored.

How it works?



The first step to becoming an affiliate is to register using the button below. You will be automatically added to the affiliate program.



Then go to your affiliate space to find services to promote, and share them on your blogs and social networks via your affiliate links.



All you have to do is wait for people to pass through your affiliate links! You can view your commissions in your dashboard.

So what are you waiting for?

Joining the BeFreelancr family will only take a few seconds!